Ryan Aydelott

Ryan has been riding/racing starting with Big Wheels (usually going through at least one set of plastic tires a summer) and then moving on to bicycle racing events as a Junior. He proudly holds a low 5 figure USAC number which usually convinces organizers that it's a mistake. As a 15yo he would ride with the A's out of local weekly shop rides which got him noticed by some folks who thought he could have a career focused around bicycles. Fate via a chance encounter with a gold station wagon led him down a different path and he now has held a successful career in IT/Computer Science, with a most recent focus on Open Science AI for medicine and humanity writ large.

Following the journey of a typical cyclist through life he's arrived at the "all old guys do is ultra's when they can't be fast anymore" stage. So here he is, doing his part on the ultimate ultra at a medium pace, hoping it won't whet his appetite for a two person or solo event. Like many, his relationship with his father changed as an adult, and he couldn't imagine his life thus far without the positive impact and support that he's had from him. That career in IT that was just mentioned was actually due directly to his father's last minute Christmas shopping leaving all the Atari Video Game consoles out of stock, with only computers remaining. The fact that he bought a computer, and that computers could not only play games, but also be programmed, led Ryan to where he is at today!